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Sights in Przemysl Poland

Must See Sight in Przemysl Poland - Kazimierz Castle
Castle from 1340. One of the must-see sights in Przemysl Poland.

Sights in Przemysl Poland

In Przemysl, there are a number of beautiful and historical sights awaiting you. Many are within walking distance of the central train station which is where the bus from the border delivers you.) Walk up a hill to the Medieval Castle of King Kazimierz the Great, built in 1340 high atop the city.

Where to Eat in Przemysl Poland

Americans tend to call any eating establishment a "restaurant." But the word restaurant has different conotations in other languages. The Polish word "restauracija" means more of a high-level dining experience. Often used for banquets, with live music etc. For a deliciuos and inexpeensive meal, look for the word "bar". Like English Pubs, they usually serve much more than just drinks. There are two bars off the sequare directly in front of the cetnral train station. For less than $10, you can enjoy a harty meal. They serve a variety of delicious homemade soups, salad, main courses of fish, chicken and meat, side dishes, etc.
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Where to Stay in Przemysl Poland

For under $40 a night (single person), you can stay in the two star Hotel Europeiskji directly by the train station. They accept credit cards and have an attached restaurant. Breakfast there will cost you about $5. Or look for the cheaper "hoteliks" (hostels) ariound town. There is right beside the ancient Castle of Kazimierz the Great. It has a gorgeous view of the city and the San River, as well as of the Castle, of course.

Easter in Przemysl Poland

The Easter season is of course a very important to this very Catholic country, the home of Pope John Paul II. The holiday is celebrated with intricately painted easter eggs, and special foods. You'll find breads baked in the shape of lambs, some covered with icing. Or special Easter cakes.

Money in Poland

The currency in Poland is called the Zloty. At the time of writing, one zloty was worth about 35 US cents.

Information and prices in this article are believed to be correct as the date of writing, April 2007. However, we assume no responsibility for any errors.

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